B01-Vase lacquer

B01, lacquer vase decorated
Manufacturer: Wood

Lacquer vases are unique handicraft products, from raw materials to finished products, most of them are handmade, decorative motifs on the vase are very detailed.


To own the beautiful vases, unique and fancy, we would like to send flowers vases made of high quality lacquer, combined with the artwork from nature to the pattern, Strangely carved, shells egg, inlaid silver, .. make products become lively. Each product has its own meaning that the artist wants to send to the person enjoying it.

The orchid leaf has many different designs as with the white background with the lotus flowers to create a gentle feeling close

Vase with red background combined with pink lotus, fresh color

Violet flowers with red background combined with yellow apricot flowers create a sense of luxury for your home


Boxes, cabinets, desks, living room, .. Can display no flowers that do not make less lively, in the room. yours.

The products of the company, are manufactured by our company, is the export, quality assurance, beautiful balls


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